Fire Sprinkler Water Damage

Fire sprinklers activate accidentally, and without warning. When this happens, do not panic. Turn off your main water supply and contact Tusin Water Damage for fire sprinkler damage restoration.

How quickly do fire sprinklers go off?
They often go off without warning, and water can spread silently and affect many different areas of your property. If you do not act fast water can flood your home or building leaving you with the possibility of mold formation and other health hazards.

What are common problems with fire sprinklers?
After installation, overheating, mechanical damage, corrosion and manufacturing defects can cause a break in the water supply turning your home into a flood site if not treated properly. In order to restore the damage, we assess the root of the issue & turn off the main water supply

How will you repair the damage?
We perform cold water extraction, in place drying and restoration techniques to get your home or office back on track as soon as possible.

What about my belongings?
We provide off site storage during every water damage restoration, and we make sure to clear out damaged drywall, furniture, ceilings and flooring and dispose of those items properly. Keep in mind that most water damage is reversible within 48 hours and call us as soon as possible.

We’ll arrive in just 30 minutes, and our 24/7 emergency services we are a trustworthy and reliable partner for every house or office that faces severe floods due to fire sprinkler damage.

Call us at 714-352-4231 whenever your fire sprinkler goes off and get the problem solved by Tustin’s most competent water damage restoration team.